Hey Guys, Fallout 4, lockpicking and hacking are invaluable skills that can help players gain access to important information or materials throughout the Commonwealth. This guide offers an overview of these skills as well as the perks required to hone your character’s abilities.First of all, to hack the computers you need the right skills/perks. You can’t just stumble out of the vault and start hacking away at Advanced computers. Once you have an Intelligence of 4 you can begin putting emphasis into the Hacker perk. This will let you hack Advanced computers at first, but adding points will give you Expert and Master abilities. At its max the Hacker perk will make it so you never get locked out. Of course, if you follow these tips that won’t be a big concern.Turn the bobby pin first and you’ll feel resistance through the gamepad. Too much resistance means you’re in the wrong spot. 
Continue to turn at this point and you risk snapping the bobby pin. Return the pin and the screwdriver to the original positions and start again, trying another area of the lock. The lock rotates smoothly with the screwdriver when you’re close to the right position. Again, if it begins to resist you’re likely to snap the pin, so make slight adjustments to the bobby pin. The less resistance, the closer you are to unlocking. Once you’ve made a quarter turn without resistance the lock will pop open. Bingo, whatever’s inside is yours.

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