Hello friend today we are going to Introduce one of the most power full tool "Windows Password Unlocker". You may wondering that is this possible to recover password of PC which is locked by third party?. Yes, of-course, our pre cracked tool windows password recovery tool makes it possible to recover password with in a minutes.
The most attractive things about the tool is that same features is also applicable for MAC. Windows password recover can reset your forgotten administrator password as well as Domain administrator Passwords. Here we are going to show you steps by steps for better understanding:

Key Features:

  • Remove Windows local administrator and other user passwords.
  • Create a new local admin account to unlock your computer.
  • Change Windows local administrator and other user passwords.
  • Work for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.
  • compatible with Windows 8.

How to unlock your PC:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Unlocker and Install on anther computer you can access as administrator.

Step 2: Run the software to create a Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB.

Step 3: Plug in a writable CD/DVD OR USB Flash Drive and select USB Device. [USB Recommended]

Step 4: Select you drive name and click Begin Burning button, the burning process will start.

Step 5: When Burning Process completed successfully, take out you USB Flash Drive. You also can do this with a writable CD or DVD.

Step 6: Now Plug in the Windows password reset disk to your locked computer, boot the computer from CD/DVD or USB You Created.

Step 7: Reset the password or creating a new administrator account.

Step 8: Now select the USER you wants to reset and click "Reset Password".

Step 9: Now you need to Add User, click on it.

Step 10: Now enter new user name & password and click "OK".

Step 11: Now restart the PC and login with the user and password you created.

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